We level up exclusively on other players! │ OSRS
Here three of us start brand new accounts and get straight into pking. All of our experience is gained on other players, starting off as mage pures! We are not experienced pkers, but we had great fun doing it!Sorry about the awful window size, i'll make sure to fix this if we ever decide to make more OSRS videos.
Console Alternatives - The PVP Station Light 3000!
Here we review the PVP Station Light 3000! The box was amazing, but it all goes downhill from there.
Let's Play Postal 2 in Co-op! - Day 4
We are back again for day 4 of Postal 2! An absolutely crazy episode this time where we start to question our sanity throughout.
Unboxing the £9.99 Knockout Mystery Box!
Hey guys, this video came out a little late but was filmed during EGX 2019. We hang out with Adrian from OP and record an unboxing of this mystery box we found at EGX.
Unboxing Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Collector's Edition
Here we unbox the Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Collector's Edition! We haven't played much of the Elder Scrolls games ourselves so please forgive our ignorance.
Console Alternatives - Orb Retro Pocket Games
Here we review a little console called the Orb Retro Pocket Games! It's a little bit surprising to be honest with you.
Console Alternatives - The Wanle HD Display 500 in 1!
Here we check out the Wanle HD Gameboy clone portable console thing! It's not bad actually.
Let's Play Postal 2 in Co-op! - Day 3
Back again with day 3 of Postal 2 in Co-op!
Console Alternatives - This is not what I bought on ebay.
Whilst buying a few consoles on ebay for future console alternatives episodes, some other random item got sent to me instead, so let's review that instead! The Brick Game 154 in 1. Or the Pop in 1, 118 in one game maybe? I don't really know what it is!
Console Alternatives - The Orb Retro Console
Here we try out the Orb console simply called the "Retro Console" and we are very surprised by it! It ended up not being bad at all.
Unboxing Wolfenstein II - The New Colossus Collectors Edition
Here we unbox the Wolfenstein II - The New Colossus Collectors Edition with action figure!
Let's Play Postal 2 in Co-op! - Day 2
Here we play through day 2 of Postal 2 in co-op. Field of view is a little messed up in first half of video but is fixed later on. Enjoy!
Console Alternatives - The HD Color
Here we check out the strange console from Cool Sirrah, the HD color (2?).
Console Alternatives - Playvision Intellivision 25 in 1
Here we review the Intellivision 25 in 1 console by Playvision!
Let's Play Postal 2 in Co-op! - Day 1
Here is the first episode of our new let's play series, where we play Postal 2, 1 day per episode! We accidentally recorded in ultrawide so sadly the sides of the video are cut off, leaving you guys clueless to our health or inventory items. We will fix this in future videos!
Opium Pulses Visits EGX 2019!
We visited EGX again this year and here we discuss the good and bad points!
Console Alternatives - N-Joypad (It takes CDs!)
Here we have our first system from console alternatives to actually take CDs... Kinda. It's the strangest plug n' play console we have ever seen.
Full RWS and Postal Collection!
Here we show off some more Postal and Running With Scissors related merch! We heard about the announcement of Postal 4 the day after recording this.