Price: $34.88
RRP: $39.99

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Release Date: 21 Jun, 2021
icon 322
img Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

About the GameDark Alliance brings to life the world of Dungeons & Dragons in an explosive action brawler filled with real-time combat and dynamic co-op. Frost giants and vengeful dragons roam unchecked through Icewind Dale as invading armies of evil grow stronger every day. Now four heroes must beat back the onslaught of creatures and defend against the dark. If you want to experience the full immersion of Dark Alliance's combat system, a controller is strongly recommended.Play as Iconic D&D Heroes Choose.

Price: $46.76
RRP: $59.99

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Release Date: 25 May, 2021
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BIOMUTANT® is an open-world, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable RPG, with a unique martial arts styled combat system allowing you to mix melee, shooting and mutant ability action.A plague is ruining the land and the Tree-of-Life is bleeding death from its roots. The Tribes stand divided. Explore a world in turmoil and define its fate – will you be its saviour or lead it to an even darker destiny?Key Features:A NEW TAKE ON 3rd PERSON COMBATThe martial arts style combat system allows you.

Price: $40.64
RRP: $59.99

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Release Date: 6 May, 2021
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img Resident Evil Village

Experience survival horror like never before in the eighth major installment in the storied Resident Evil franchise - Resident Evil Village.Set a few years after the horrifying events in the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 7 biohazard, the all-new storyline begins with Ethan Winters and his wife Mia living peacefully in a new location, free from their past nightmares. Just as they are building their new life together, tragedy befalls them once again.First-Person Action – Players will assume the role of Ethan.

Author: Mardo
icon 21.07.2021
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My Tower, My Home Review
Few words about the gameMy Tower, My Home is a nicely done combination of a tower defence game with a 2D shooter. It's a very dynamic game where enemies come from every direction to destroy the core of your tower and your goal is to defend it using multiple strategies with
Author: Mardo
icon 20.07.2021
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Verdant Village Review
Verdant Village is a pretty fresh combination of already existing and even slightly overused genres among the indie titles, which is a blend of RPG and farming simulator. The said title, that's published and developed by a single person working as Exodus Software, might seem to be an exact clone of
Author: Mardo
icon 18.07.2021
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Outlast Review
Few words about the gameOutlast is a first-person horror game, created by an indie developers team, Red Barrels. In the game, you're in control of a journalist that came to an asylum to find out if those terrifying rumours he's got from his source are real. Believe me, you're not ready
Author: Mardo
icon 14.07.2021
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Foosball: World Tour
Few words about the gameFoosball: World Tour - the game that will bring back tons of memories of times when playing it in real life was one of the best and most fun activities with friends. It's kind of a simulation game of Foosball (table version of football), where you're able
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Group news
Opium Pulses have teamed up with Detalion Games, [] to bring our members a chance of winning 1 of 7 of their exciting new steam game Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III!

For a chance to win a copy of the game for yourself please visit the website
About The Game:
  • Intriguing and engrossing puzzles that will test your ability to quickly associate facts and think abstractly.
  • A dark and stunningly beautiful ecosystem on the planet Regilus.
  • Superbly written, deep characters.
  • A compelling and exciting story, whose finale will surprise even the most seasoned fans of the genre.
  • A digital guide to help you in difficult situations and multiple difficulty levels to suit your experience.
  • The game's creator and puzzle designer is the legendary Roland Pantoła - creator of critically acclaimed adventure titles such as AD 2044, Reah and the Schizm series.

Travel and explore

This is the planet Regilus - a dazzlingly beautiful, exotic, multi-layered and mysterious ecosystem. No wonder that colonial syndicates and private explorers fought for it. In the end, the oasis of natural deposits and minerals found on Regilus was deemed too small to fight for, and with no more hostilities, various Teleportation Travel Agencies turned the place into a one-of-a-kind tourist attraction.

Lost in space

Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III is a puzzle adventure game with countless brain teasers, in which two tourists - Bogard and Amia - find themselves engaged in a series of mysterious events. The protagonists are separated and, in order to find each other, must rely on a guide whose behaviour becomes more and more grotesque with every passing minute.

Find your companion

During their adventure on Regilus, the protagonists will visit seven different locations - each one a completely new artistic experience altogether. In order to find one another, Bogard and Amia must solve many intriguing puzzles with varying levels of complexity. Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III is a very player-friendly game. Choose a level of puzzle difficulty appropriate to your experience with games of this type. You will also have access to a digital guide, whose advice can be crucial in many situations. But are you sure you can trust it?

For a chance to win a copy of the game for yourself please visit the website

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OP Recruiting Writers and Reviewers (Paid)
Opium Pulses is recruiting self-motivated individuals to create content with us. This can include written or video reviews and articles.

In return, we will provide a varied choice of decent quality, brand-new titles for you to create content as often as you like.

We will supply a cash payment per published work. If you’re interested in joining our team, please visit the link below to apply.
Opium Pulses News
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Update on OP Store Orders
This announcement is to inform our customers that while we undergo some very important maintenance, some orders in our store can get stuck. If this is the case and after 15 minutes you have still not received your key, please submit a ticket on the site or DM me directly and I will investigate for you.

Most the time its as simple as manually giving the order a nudge to release keys so please don't wait days before getting in touch. Work is expected to be complete within the month and we anticipate that all of these glitches will be ironed out when we migrate to our new framework.

Thank you for any patience and understanding and extra for supporting us through your purchases - enjoy your games!
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