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How Game Design Can Be Your Friend

From Dark Souls to Ninja Gaiden, from Overwatch to Rocket League, from Shovel Knight to Super Mario. Every game has it's traps, it's secrets, difficulties and intuitive aspects.What makes a game "Well Designed"? How is Game Design responsible for a game being Difficult or Easy? What causes players to stonewall for hours against a boss, or defeat an area on their first run?I believe the best way to put it simply is to describe Game Design as 2 opposing forces. One side is always trying to challenge the player, while the other always trying to help the player. Let's take a


Snake's News - Snake vs Evil News

What, you expected a fancy introduction? Well, too bad, 'cause I didn't think of one. You'll have to bear with it for now.ROCKET LEAGUE STILL SURPRISES USNew mode, called Rumble, will be introdcued in Rocket League next month. It'll turn an already crazy game into a literal f*ckfest with powerups. That's something worth waiting for.NO MAN'S SKY GETS A HUGE UPDATE PRE-RELEASEWelp, the game's golden status isn't as golden as we thought. A lot of shit is going to be changed. And developer swears that early copy is not the game the users are meant to play. I don't know what


The 10 Best Games of 2015

2015 has been a big year for video games. From the controversies, to the triumphs, to the surprise releases, to the car-smashing, supervillain wrecking, crime solving, tear jerking, necrophage slaying gameplay, it’s safe to say 2015 brought a few eventful memories to be nostalgic of a few decades from now. From a bigger perspective, 2015 has opened even more doors for the video game industry and its wonderful community for 2016. But before we get to that, let’s look back to the biggest and best releases the golden year of 2015 has blessed us with. DISCLAIMER: NONE OF THESE ENTRIES ARE