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Chicken Police - Paint it RED! Review

You’d be hard-pressed to find another game released this year that is quite as visually uncomfortable as Chicken Police – Paint if Red! is. Actually, that isn’t fair, it is actually dripping in style, with a strong 30s noire feel to it, complete with film grain giving everything a gritty tone. It’s more the characters that induce discomfort. They’re all broad noire archetypes: a washed-up detective, a crime boss, a femme fatale, but they are also anthropomorphic animals. No, that isn’t right, they are animal heads beautifully rendered in photographic detail meshed onto human bodies. It is extremely disconcerting finding yourself


Article Vault 002

So this is an odd one for our vault series as it's content you won't have read in the past, this is the transcript of a 2 year old interview Opium Pulses did with SFB Games at EGX 2014. It was a video interview but the venue was so loud that the audio quality was awful and made the whole interview impossible to hear. We've pulled the audio, done our best to improve the quality and written it for people to read as an article instead. Hope you all enjoy!  This is Opium Pulses at EuroGamer 2014  interviewing SFB Games (previously