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South Park: The Fractured But Whole Censorship


The second part of South Park will be released soon and I can not tell how much I'm up for that!
As a fan of the first game and of the series itself it's going to be an early christmas for me this year.
Are you just as excited as me? Well then let's get into business!
Fist bumps bros!

South Park has always been sarcastic and sometimes certainly below the belt. Yes, South Park is provocative, disgusting and obscene.
But exactly this is the spice that made the show this successful and great!
Bad tongues argued that there was a time I hated the show with a burning passion.
I can tell you, the series had its ups and downs but it made its way back to the top again and the first 'RPG' from the house of South Park made everyone realise how great this setting actually is.
South Park is known for picking up current real world events and putting them into a sarcastic, ridiculous and naughty way, simply pulling everything through the cocoa.
Whether it was Third Reich, abortion or slutty TV shows I abstain from calling out now.

The game was just as successful as the show itself. The only critical point I have for TSOT is the German version.
For me as a German it matters a lot, because Germany has its own way of dealing with humour about specific topics.
Let's just say, certain symbols had to be removed and the studio behind Ubisoft carelessly put black bars all over these specific symbols.

The way it was done ruined the experience so significantly that you didn't want to keep playing anymore.
You don't believe me? Here you go:

Let me guess: You think I put the black bars over the swastikas with paint, right?
I agree, you could think that but no I certainly did not. This is the official version of how the game was released in Germany and Australia.
The question to this thorn in everyone's eye is: Why? Just why Ubisoft?!
I understand the problem of German censorship about everything connected to this certain time period in history, but this could have been done way better.
Maybe replace the swastikas with funny other symbols, chickens or whatnot but do not put black bars sluggishly all over their badges and insignias.
Okay to be honest, I can gladly abstain from Hitlers speech samples that were put into the game too, but this?! God damn it Ubisoft, get things straight!
If you think this was all, allow me to show you two more:

You just saw two of my very own screenshots from the German version. I want to state that this is a way of dealing with problems with German censorship that went totally wrong. It simply could have been done just better than this crap.

Anyway, the success of Trey Parker and Matt Stone proves them right.
I'm keenly awaiting the release of South Park - The fractured but whole this December and I can tell you that I am going to have fun with that game and I'm awaiting great jokes, packaged in a box that when you open it hits you right in the guts.
Who else remembers the quests in the bedroom where you chase down the underpants dwarfs, or finding yourself later in the abortion clinic.. I'll just let that sink in for a while..

In fact, South Park and its extremely offensive way of dealing with current discussed topics in the world can be either loved or hated, either way - the success is real.
Nevertheless I hope that - if certain censorship problems occur (and they most likely will) - Ubisoft deals this time better and doesn't kick us completely out of their community. The black bars and boxes actually made Germans feel like they didn't even care about our market and therefore us.

I hope to have a fantastic sequel that has the very same surprises as The Stick of Truth from the original series.
And of course, who does not want to have Jesus as his friend on Facebook?

I will get back into the game itself once I get to play it.
Hopefully the game catches on with more great settings and gameplay once again to discover the lovingly detailed world of the little town in Colorado.

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