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Celebrating 5 Years of OP Giveaways!

Opium Pulses Giveaways went into public Beta on 27th March 2016 and officially launched on 20th May 2016. This means that for over five years, members of Opium Pulses have been able to visit the site and enter new and exciting giveaways for games of all types, genres, and sizes - every day of the week!

We wanted to share some incredible milestones and stats from the last five years that really puts into perspective what our giveaway platform has achieved since its introduction to our community.

  • We recently passed the milestone of 10,000 individual giveaways. Just think of the man-hours!

  • Between March 2016 and the present day, we have given an average of FIVE games away EVERY single day.

  • 16 of our giveaways have featured 10,000 keys or more, making instant winners out of anyone who entered. No strings!

  • Roughly 84% of our total giveaways have been 100% free to enter, requiring only an OP account to be in for a chance to win.

  • To date, we have given away over $400 in Opium Pulses store credit to our members to spend on whatever games they want in our store.

Since all of our finished giveaways are publicly visible using the filters on the giveaways page, all of this information is verifiable.

We hope to be back here another five years from now sharing even larger milestones and accomplishments. Until then, thank you for supporting us all these years - may lady luck be on your side!

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