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Memories of a Vagabond Review

Few words about the game

Memories of a Vagabond may not be the best one RPG available on the market, but for sure is one of the most interesting ones around. You play the role of a young guy, whose soon-to-be wife was kidnapped, and your quest is to rescue her with help of allies you met on the way. Cliché, I know. One thing that surprised me was unique idea of "dying" and switching between souls, really liked that one. For me, it was quite enjoyable ride, especially that in past I used to play one RPG after another, so it brings back memories. Good times, man, good times. Overall, could be better, feels like devs tried to test as many ideas of games as they could in one game. But still, cool, little RPG worth it's price tag.


  • Easy to learn mechanics of fighting and crafting
  • Enjoyable gameplay itself, grinding is not necessary to complete game, a bunch of side quests
  • Surprisingly good soundtrack for game on RPG Maker engine
  • Unique idea of being a soul that is able to change bodies (classes) after death


  • Short, took me about 3 hours to finish, including most of side quests and a bit of grind
  • Main theme of game is really overused and not really desirable, makes players sigh every time it shows up around
  • Quite simple, a lot of potential is left out. No stats, no detailed items nor characters
  • Dialogues from time to time feels like they've been written on a really childish standard

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