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My Dream Review

Few words about the game

MyDream is a game based on an amazing idea of forming and exploring your world however you want to. You're able to create your own world or join any world created by other players and, well, build anything you want to. To be fair, there's still a long way to go before it will be finished and polished, but in the first 5 minutes of gameplay, you can clearly see the potential and how big this game might get in the near future.


  • Gameplay is smooth and visibly optimized even for lower machines
  • Music and ambient sounds is well-made
  • Graphics are not really up to date, but they're still very good and enjoyable
  • Terraforming and building tools are really advanced and developed
  • Game is formed by the online community, some of online levels were literally amazing, can't wait to see it grow
  • Content of the game is very expanded, ton of things to build, create and even explore (price tag is 101% adequate)
  • Design of UI and menu overall is nice and clear


  • Lacks any introduction to some mechanics and tools. There is a tutorial, but it's pretty unclear and chaotic
  • Online levels really take their time to load, in a few cases I had to wait over 5 minutes for it to load up
  • You will encounter some bugs for sure, but the game is still in the early access, so give it a chance and be patient - it's worth it!


MyDream is slowly shaping into an amazing game, I can already see how it becomes an awesome AAA title, but there's still a lot of work to do in my opinion. For now, you can do almost anything you want to with your own world, shape it and build there almost anything you want to. I had fun with exploring it and creating quests in my own world, but the most fun I had when I wandered in some online worlds - things people can create in there are amazing, "players-driven" game is a great idea. I hope it will grow enough to meet dozens of players in there, it would be much more fun with others around, but unfortunately for now it's almost empty, I met only 1 player in one of the worlds. If you like any kind of games focused on building, you will instantly fall in love with MyDream for sure.
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