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The Land of Eyas Review

Few words about the game

This game is a cute, little platforming game made by an Indie developer called Happy Square Productions. Your goal is to recover lost memories of a... boy in a catsuit. Yeah, you've read that right. Recover parts of your memory as you go through a bunch of mind-stretching levels, where each of them have a twist - there are two gravities! Make new friends and enemies among met creatures, uncover the story that goes along and, if you feel up to the challenge, speed run your way through the puzzles!


  • Cute graphics and design of the character
  • Animations are flawless
  • Idea of two gravities is implemented in an interesting way into simple, yet surprising levels full of puzzles
  • Simple, basic controls
  • Luckily, what's unfortunately shows up a lot in games like this one, repetitiveness of puzzles is minimal, each level is different with its layout and graphics design
  • Soft sounds, no need to mute the game because of them being irritating
  • Easy to navigate around the main menu
  • Controller support
  • Difficulty of levels is not too hard, yet easy enough to let you keep on going without rage-quits
  • Beautiful, calm background music

  • There's a little thing with controls that might feel a bit like an input lag from time to time, making a character movements react with a little delay
  • $10 feel like a slight overprice for the content you get


As you can clearly see, a good game is not always a game with 20 hours long storyline, side quests, amazing, fresh 3D graphics with antialiasing and reflections. Sometimes, less is more. The game is definitely not on the best of the best list, but surely should get a bit more recognition than it got. It's perfect to sit back with a controller in the hands, hot coffee on a table and relax for a bit. You're the overachiever here? Have some fun there, proper little game for speed running all those levels and getting 100% of achievements. If you'll see the game on a discount or *wink wink* priced well on our website - surely go for it, it's fun!

If you would like to support our store and purchase the game, head to The Land of Eyas in Opium Pulses' Store page!
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