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Receiver 2 Review

What is Receiver 2? Do you like shooting? Do you like seeing your gun jam? Do you like having full control of your gun then shooting your self because you forgot put it on safety?

Reloading my dirty harry!

The Story: The story is learning about the Threat which is collecting cassette tapes and becoming an awake receiver

Felt cute so i took a mirror selfie!

What is Receiver 2 but more in depth? Receiver 2 is a game about guns and how to handle a gun like how to cock it, how to reload it and even fixing it if it jams the idea of this game is to learn about what the Threat is and trying to rank up and learning new guns and surviving.

Got love some old arcade games.

The Graphics of Receiver 2: The graphics are 3d realistic.

When your gun jams :(

The Mechanics: The mechanics of Receiver 2 are of how to handle a gun there are quite a few guns to learn and master, there are lot of controls like pressing “k” will cock your gun and holding “right mouse button” and “K” you can uncock your gun. In the game you have to survive flying drones and sentry bots and the only way to complete is to find all the cassette tapes and in some of the tapes there are parts where you will turn the gun on your self and try and shoot your self so make sure you have no bullets in your clip or chamber, there is a ranking up system which gives you access to new areas and guns to play with.

Look at them guns!


  • Achievements.

  • Well made.

  • Challenging.

  • Great ambient noise really makes you feel like you’re being watched.

  • Very detailed model guns.

  • Controls are fleshed out.


  • Not the best “climax”.

  • Only pistols sadly no rifles.

  • Cannot change certain key binds.

  • When you die you lose your rank which can be very frustrating.

  • A issue with quitting makes you lose your rank.


This is a very challenging game if you have played the first game then you will love this as it’s a really good upgrade from the first, there are a few things I wish they changed like a shooting range so you don’t always have to be on edge not knowing how to use the gun(there is a dev test room with all the guns but ruins what guns there are.) but this game is fun I would recommend waiting for a sale of if you really enjoyed the first then this will have to be a great pickup , so if this interest you then check it on -> Steam.

Developer: Wolfire Games

Publisher:Wolfire Games

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