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Best League of Legends Champions for Noobs 2019
League of Legends continues its reign of dominance in the world of eSports.

Its popularity does not seem to be slowing down. In fact, sites like sportsbetting.ag are putting out betting odds on more and more LoL events, attesting to this fact.

2019 has already been a great for League of Legends fans. The Spring Splits in the Pro Championship Series were as exciting as all get-out! But let’s change the pace a bit today. Instead of talking about teams, let’s focus on the coolest characters for newbs.

Best Beginner Characters

You can choose from over 100 different characters … so it can be a little bit daunting at first. Especially since certain champions are more difficult to play. Let’s start with the basics. There are five roles in League of Legends:

  1. Top Lane

  2. Mid Lane

  3. Bot Lane (Support)

  4. Jungler

  5. AD Carry

Essentially these have to do with where you are at on the map. Top of the map, middle of the map, the bottom of the map, in between lanes (Jungler). AD Carry is generally joined by a support player in the bottom lane where they can be protected and grow strong to add massive attack damage and carry the team to victory later in the game.

You should familiarise your self with each role to figure out where you play best.

Top Lane - Garen

One of the best champions for a top laner to start out with is Garen. He is a tank build with great defence and a giant sword that is great for silencing enemies so they cannot cast spells for a time. His passive defence gain makes him ideal for beginners. He builds up his armour and magical resistance automatically. He has the best health regen in the game, so if you find yourself on the losing end, just use your defensive abilities to put some distance between you and your enemy and recover.

Mid Lane - Morgana

Morgana is a bit of an oddball because she wasn’t initially intended for the middle lane. She makes a great support champion as well. But her massive damage output makes her a great choice for the mid lane. Focus on teamwork with Morgana to stun your enemies so that your friends can take advantage of her elongated stun times.

Support -  Leona

Leona is great for protecting her ADC. She is equipped with a large shield so that you can step into the fray without much risk of taking a lot of damage. A tank at heart, you may be tempted to push your way into battle. But beware, her defence is much better than her offence, so if you go too far in too fast, you’re likely to get killed. If you engage on the fringes, you can stay fairly safe and provide a lot of support for your ADC.

Jungler - Volibear

The great thing about this champion is that you can build him offence-minded or defence-minded depending on team needs. Q - ‘Rolling Thunder’ is his most useful attack. Volibear charges headfirst and snatches the first enemy in line to toss them backward to your teammates. This is great to whittle down numbers, but choosing your target and timing wisely is key.

ADC - Ashe

The Frost Archer is a utility Attack Damage Carry champion with perhaps the most powerful stun in the game. She has a unique combination of area-of-effect spells, vision, and crowd control that make her great as an ADC. Normally, you would want to stay outside the fighting, but with all of the tools available as Ashe, you can provoke skirmishes as well. The first item to get using the Frost Archer is Lifesteal, it will help you heal based on your damage output.

So, get out there and try out these Champions as we believe these are the best for beginners to be successful in League of Legends.

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