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    PWND Review

    Today I review the game called PWND which is a fast-paced multiplayer FPS with unique characters and amazingly fun gameplay.Are you...

    Group News

    15 Key Giveaway - Raid On Coasts

    Opium Pulses Giveaways

    Opium Pulses have teamed up with our awesome friends over at Outlaw Wars, to bring our members the chance of winning 1 of 15 copies of their epic new real time strategy game, Raid On Coasts


    About Raid On Coasts:

    Raid On Coasts is a real time strategy game set in the modern era where the Russian army has made the decision to perform a raid on the coasts of middle east, specifically Yemen!

    Recently, the expansion of the US has exploded through the construction of more military bases on the Russian border... Russia decided to react and escalate the situation by breaking the US imposed siege and invading the Middle East from the gate of Yemen's coast . .

    Raid On Coasts offers you the ability to play with 2 armies: The Russian army or The United States army .

    Choose your roll:
    • The attacker: The Russian Army - Your main objective is to perform raids on the coasts of the Middle East!

    • The defender: The United States Army - Your main objective is to defend the land from the Russian invaders!

    The game map contain 14 different territories to capture:
    • Small villages
    • Big villages
    • Fuel territories


    • Massive Middle East themed land mass to cause chaos and carnage on.

    • 2 powerful armies to choose from.

    • 8+ different units to play with.

    • 14 territories to capture across the map.

    • Gather resources upon capturing territories.

    • Every 30 seconds you can call for a new wave of units to land on the coasts.

    • Order airstrikes on enemy units and positions.

    • Every week a new update will be released containing new content, bug fixes and ameliorations.

    How to enter:

    This giveaway will be held on the Opium Pulses' website and will run until the 9th of October 2017. For your chance to win a copy, just click here.[www.opiumpulses.com]


    PWND Review

    Opium Pulses News

    Are you a proffesional t-bagger? Do you like humiliating your enemies when you kill them? Well then this game is for you. The goal of the game is to "kill" a person on the enemy team - but thats not it, to score points you have to pwn them. Matches are fast and fun, there are four different characters to choose from (more coming soon) all with different abilites and gameplay style. I would say the movement in this game resembles that of Titanfall - wall jumps, double jumps, gliding, dashing etc. I played this game with my friends and it was the most fun time we had in quite a while (especially when we managed to beat the developers).

    Full article : http://opiumpulses.com/article/184