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    OP News - 23/04/2017 Edition

    Esports Introduced into Athletic CompetitionThe 2022 Asian Games has revealed that esports will be represented alongside mainstream, athletic, events. Whether you...

    Group News

    3 Games for ONLY 50 POINTS each in OP Trove!

    Opium Pulses Savings

    Since the launch of our affordable points only store named the 'Treasure Trove' thousands of our members have claimed games for free using their OP points collection.

    Today we're selling 3 games for less than the points you get just for signing up!

    Partical City Guardians
    Nuclear Shot
    Minion Masters

    What this means is any of one of these games can essentially be yours for free just by using the points given to you for free when you created your account!

    All 3 could be yours with an incredibly small amount of work by unlocking some OP achievements, you can see your unlocked achievements below