OP Giveaways FAQ


How do I join a giveaway?

Either on the giveaway home page or the individual giveaway pages, hit the 'Enter for FREE!' button, this might also say something like 'Enter for 10 points', you can use your points to claim an entry on these giveaways. If you're picked as a winner, when the giveaway ends you'll receive an email and notification on site.

What are points and how do I acquire them?

OP loyalty points are a special currency used on Opium Pulses, earned by doing simple tasks or unlocking achievements, you gain 55 just for signing up, a further 5 a day for logging in, and hundreds more for achievements that range in difficulty from easy-peasy to very challenging. We're constantly developing this area of the site to bring new and fun ways to unlock achievements and gain points.

How many giveaways can I enter a day?

Since most of our giveaways will have absolutely no strings attached, you could join almost all of them every day. Depending on the fee, you could with very little work, join 1 or 2 points based giveaways a day too. However, there's no cap to how many points you can earn per day, meaning no limit on the giveaways you can enter.

What happens if I enter more than once on a multi-entry giveaway?

Your chances of winning increase as the system has more entries of yours to pick from, it doesn't always guarantee you a win though as for most giveaways, winners are picked at random. The exception to this is when there are more keys than members who enter, when giveaways like this end, everyone is given a single key and whatever is left over, is distributed at random, meaning you can occasionally win more than one key.

Why lock some giveaways behind point fees?

We know it's something you see a lot, most sites ask you for a fee on every giveaway or make you jump through social hoops to even have a chance. We understand the value of putting a fee on some giveaways; it gives users a sense of value to an entry, increases odds of winning and forces you to choose wisely which game you'd like most. But we also think giveaways should be just that, free - so the vast majority of our giveaways will be completely free to join with no strings or hoops to tackle!

What does OP Giveaways do differently?

When we started designing this, we wanted to offer something unique - so as well as the Steam only time-based giveaways you might be used to, we have also introduced entry-based giveaways for all gaming clients that end when a maximum number of members join, meaning we can increase the chances of winning greatly and reward early birds.

We've also developed giveaways that rewarded members of different categories with increased chances of winning, as we know not all our members have the cash to regularly contribute. These include:

  • Everybody - Anyone can enter these, keep an eye out for flash giveaways or small entry caps to increase your winning chances!
  • Newbies - Only members who have been a member of OP for less than a year can enter these.
  • Veterans - Only members who have been a member of OP for over a year can enter these.
  • Underdogs - Only members who have never won a giveaway before can enter these.
  • Customers - Only members who have bought products in the OP Store can enter these.


I'm a Greenlight dev, how can you promote my game?

We allow you to giveaway your game for ANY platform, whether that be Itch.io, Desura, Humble Store etc. this means users will be more inclined to vote for a game they might possibly win on a different platform. As an extra tool, we also have the option for winners of your game on OP to have Steam keys sent to them automatically after your game releases - this helps build the foundations of your fan-base and community.

How does this help users learn about my game?

We can display personalised game art, video trailers and promotional text to best present your game and even have social sharing features to help share your title to gamers all around the web. This means each page has the potential to be 100% personalised to that game's style and atmosphere, pulling thousands of potential customers in to your game's world.

Will my giveaway be promoted by OP?

Yes, all developer sponsored giveaways will be announced in our 50,000+ giveaway group on Steam, tweeted on our Twitter and posted on our Facebook, all on a weekly basis.  All giveaways above 50 copies will be added to our featured section for the duration of its running length.

Community Leaders

Can I create giveaways myself?

Short answer, maybe - Long answer, we cherry pick people we believe would make the best use of our platform and have something to offer to the community. If you'd like to be considered for a content creator account, get in contact and show us how you wish to use the system and who you'll be sharing it with.

What are your rules on advertising?

We have next to no rules, what we do allow is almost complete control over what you add to your giveaway page, including any safe for work images, embedded YouTube videos, links to Steam groups or social network and most other personal advertising content. What we don't allow is links to any other giveaways services, or referral links.

What does OP offer over other services?

We allow giveaways to be created for games on any platform, from Steam to Battle.net to Xbox and loads more, we'll even add platforms on request. We also do not ban any games from being given away, no matter how many times a game is given away, there's still a bunch of people out there who don't own it. So if you want to give away 10,000 copies of a game ten times across a year, we'll support that. We also allow customised title names and images to be used and videos and pictures to be used in the description.