Darkwood Review

First of all, I apologize for the long wait, I just didn't have time to review games, but that should be changing now. Anyways I'll stop bitching and get into the review. Darkwood is a top-down horror game, which is kinda better presented while describing it, rather then actually playing it.When I first started playing Darkwood, it was the game's cast of macabre characters and its creepy, implicit storytelling that drew me in. From minute zero, it's clear that there's something deeply wrong with the forest that surrounds you. It stretches endlessly, leaving everything under its canopy shrouded in dim light,

Prevent The Fall Review

Today I review a game called Prevent The Fall, a dungeon crawler that doesn't really offer anything unique and feels more like a mobile game.Prevent The Fall is a dungeon-crawling RPG built both for Virtual reality and regular controls, which is certainly an unusual thing. You will impersonate a random hero and raid various dungeons and locations to complete quests given to you by an anonymous tavern-keeper. Along the way, you slay monsters and loot some equipment. The regular day of a hero, basically. And that's pretty much it, it gets repetitive quickly, and in my first 30 mins of playing I

X-Morph: Defense Review

Do you like explosions and destruction? Do you enjoy being a commander? Do you like lasers, rockets, those pew-pew thing from Star Wars? If yes then you're gonna enjoy this game.X-Morph: Defense is an unique fusion of a top down shooter and tower defense strategy. You are the X-Morph - an alien species that invades Earth to harvest its resources and terraform the surface. Strategize in the build mode by carefully selecting various types of alien towers or throw yourself right into heat of the battle. Build mazes for incoming enemies in an environment that provides exceptional planning freedom. Tear down

Offensive Combat: Redux! Review

Offensive Combat: Redux is a reboot, if you will, of a web-based shooter in which you try to frag as many other players as you can.As written before it's a reboot of a web-based shooter, arena shooter to be exact.There are a few different game modes, so you aren't always on your own, but these types of games tend to lend themselves to lone wolves. Three Gates AB have resurrected this cult classic and released it as a standalone, downloadable game. It kinda has that Quake 3 feeling in it but with more cartoony graphics. There's a lot of customization options and a lot

De Blob Review

Today I review a game called De Blob which is a 3D platformer made by Blue Tongue Entertainment.These ink punks aren’t about that color life, so it’s up to you to spice the world back up again… free the worlds artists, and bring the 10 different stages back to life. This game was originally released on Wii in 2008 and is finally coming to the ps4, pc, and Xbox one nearly 10 years later, and while the gameplay holds up, standards have changed and the experience isn’t as great as it once was. De Blob starts out really clever and charming, You’re a

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