Ballistic Mini Golf Review

There is a saying that if you are going to do something the same as others, you either need to do it better or do it in a different way... this game achieves neither.If you played Golf with your friends or Golf it! , you know why it makes those games fun. The fast-paced, competitive fun mayhem with fun shortcuts and fun courses. This game has nothing of that. It's slow, there are no players so competitive thing is out of the question, all courses look the same and I thought some of the holes were just repeating themselves. Basically, you're

BonBon Review

So, this is a very short game so review is gonna be really short too. (So will this intro)Bonbon is a short, first-person domestic horror narrative in which you play through the childs eyes, I don't even think I should call it a game, it's more like a short story, it's probably gonna take you around 20 minutes to finish it. Although I hated the gameplay, when I finished the game and started thinking about it, it gave me some insight, it's one of those games where you try to figure out the ending for yourself.  So, you play as a

The Journey Down Episode Three Review

Just to be clear - I never played episode 1 and 2, but after playing this, I'm considering to get them and play the full trilogy. This is one of the best Point and Click adventures I have ever played.So yeah, this is one of those games that you don't expect to like, but fall in love when you start playing it. I wan never a fan of Point&Click, only game I loved from the genre was Grim Fandango, so it says alot when I say this game is amazing.Voice Acting is superb and comedic, soundtrack is amazing and relaxing (except

Prime Arena Review

Do you play PUBG? Do you play LoL? Did you ever want to see those two games combined? Yeah me neither and that is why this game is a big flop.Prime Arena is a combination of MOBA and survival gameplay inspired by PUBG. This dynamic deathmatch arena is free of forced socialization and thus of toxic atmosphere found in MOBAs. Victory fully depends on player’s skill and reaction speed. I mean, it all sounds good on paper, but... just no. Half of the game I had no idea what I'm doing, everything is confusing, monsters (that in MOBAs are just some bonus experience)

Niche - A Genetics Survival Game Review

Remember Spore? Remember how it didn't seem to satisfy that part of you that wanted to control the evolution of an entire species? Well Niche - A genetics survival game by Stray Fawn Studio succeeds where Spore failed! Created by a successful Kickstarter which raised over 70 000$.What can I say?  After being raised by Pokemon, just hearing the word "Evolution" has the same effect on me as a heavy narcotic, so I was eager to play this game, collect them all and stuff like that. I must say, I was disappointed, not because it's a bad game, it's just that

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