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GTA: V HEISTS THE FLEECA JOB GAMEPLAY - Featuring X13zombiexx13 & Harley Zoom 360


Halo MCC HALO 2 BLASTacular! Achievement Guide

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Achievement Guide. BLASTactular! Achievement. Sorry for the poor quality of the audio near the start and end of the video. UPLOAD STUDIO must have lagged while editing. This shouldn't happen again. All rights to Halo: MCC are reserved for Microsoft and 343 Industries.


Top 5 Games From My Xbox One Playlist - Harley Zoom

This may be a series that will become a weekly thing. The editing is fairly easy and fast to do so it may not be a chore like the podcast was. I enjoy making these videos but you are what is important. Do you like this series? Do you want more? Leave your feedback in the comment section below.